1st Annual Lake Allatoona Poker Run

What a great time!

David Blake 1st place 4 of a kind

Richard Martin 2nd place full house

Mandy Jones 3rd place full house

1st Annual Lake Allatoona Poker Run

Rules:  When a contestant registers and pays fee they will receive a registration ticket with a number.  This will allow more than one player per boat.  They must present that ticket at every card stop where after a fun activity they will receive one playing card.  The contestant will draw the card off the deck that the attendant has.  The attendant will then record the card with the corresponding contestant registration number.  The participate can visit the stops in any order but must be at Little River Grill at 5:30 to register their hand.  At registration they can purchase up to three extra cards that will be drawn by the participate at 5:30 Sunday afternoon.   In the event that a contestant draws the same card twice, they will draw again at 5:30 at Little River Grill. The best five card hand wins.   In the event of a tie prize money will be split.

Direct any questions to Ira Smith.

****By registering and paying fee all contestants agree to abide by the regulations of the GA Department of Natural Resources. The contestant(vessel owner/captain) assumes all responsibility for the safety of the vessel and its passengers. The contestant agrees to hold the event organizers, sponsors, supporting marinas, as well as the Army Corp. of Engineers harmless. The contestant acknowledges that the organizers and sponsors assume NO responsibility or liability. Decisions of the event organizers are final. Please boat responsibly.

Registration is closed..

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