Full Lake Initiatives

As the community-based voice of Lake Allatoona, LAAs mission is to improve our Lakes water quality, pool levels, safety and recreational assets through encouragement of healthy lake use practices. The LAA links a large number of like-minded people to positively influence governments (federal, state and local) and citizens (e.g. boaters, adjoining owners, and recreational users) who work together to improve water quality and pool levels. Focused on the keys to improvement the State of Georgia, the US Congress and the US Army Corps of Engineers LAAs membership base is committed to push the Congress and the Corps toward positive changes for Lake Allatoona’s benefit.

LAAs positions are a direct outgrowth of its responsibility for leadership and representation of local citizenry interests in stewardship of the God-given and mankind-enhanced environment with which our community has been blessed. LAA believes that the execution of a combination of changes could result in routine Lake water levels improvements…or inversely, with no “Voice of Allatoona": involvement resulting in serious water level deterioration.

Water Wars - Alabama

The biggest threat to a healthy and vibrant Lake Allatoona lies outside its northwest Georgia region. Associated with the economic and population growth in primarily the Northeast sector of Metro Atlanta, as well as in Alabama, the desire to take water from Allatoona for distant water supply uses has dramatically intensified in recent years. As a result, huge political pressures are negatively bearing on Lake Allatoona. If successful, these pressures will result in a severe impact on Allatoona’s recreational and local water supply use.

After years of discussion, negotiation and litigation regarding North Georgia water resources and their usage allocation, Federal Court rulings have created a focus on the issue at all levels. Lake Allatoona (Lake) water storage and water quality are clearly involved in the overall issue. The Lake Allatoona Association (LAA), continues to provide input to outline its position and goals relating to its long-term goals for Lake management and the current issue of water allocation.

The USACE in the future will have to implement court mandated changes to the way it manages the water flow out of our Lake…we must be vigilant as in the process as the only true “Voice of Allatoona”.

USACE Water Control Manual

LAA actively and aggressively intervened in the recently completed multi-year USACE’s Water Control Manual Update and the more recent updates that focus on Cobb Water Authority water withdrawal requests and Alabama lake levels. We developed a comprehensive Position Statement that became an important input to that complex and technical process. LAA submitted a comprehensive set of recommendations that covered the gamut of lake and dam operations, toward improvements in lake water levels. These recommendations addressed procedures to improve routine summer pool level stability, late year drawdowns, winter low levels and spring season enhancements.

Those efforts seemingly met with some partial success, as the USACE did implement changes that have shown encouraging lake levels from summer to early fall. We will continue to seek improvements in the other sectors where we were not as successful. To that end, LAA continues to search for ways to positively influence overall water level/stability improvement in support of five important outcomes:

1. Increase NW Georgia water supplies.
2. Reduce water quality degradation.
3. Improve Alabama River navigation water release capabilities.
4. Improve Lake Allatoona recreation benefits.
5. Continue to support power generation and flood control needs.

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State of Georgia

Lately in particular, the State of Georgia has petitioned the USACE to dramatically increase “interbasin transfers” from Allatoona to, in effect, Gwinnett County and other highly developing Metro locales. If that is allowed to happen in the way the State wishes, our beautiful lake level will be routinely lowered several feet in the June-September high-use recreational season.

This cannot be allowed to happen; your concern and engagement will be needed to resist this plan.

Please refer to the attached letter from Georgia’s Governor on March 13, 2013, and to LAA’s strong objection to that proposal on November 19, 2013,and LAA's July 26, 2018 letter of objection to Cobb's request to the USACE.

These serious issues have not gone away, please stay connected with LAA to learn what future action on our port will be needed.

Further, the Cobb Water Authority has a requested that the USACE allow it to withdraw significant quantities of water. That longstanding request, if granted, would result in measurably harm to summer recreational users.

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Enhanced Recreational Access

Parks Allatoona

LAA’s third official lake asset initiative relates to seek improved access and public recreational use of 6000 acres of wilderness feel public land that is presently almost untapped.

The lake’s beautiful north shore public lands within the Stamp Creek corridor contain some of the most spectacular and pristine wilderness settings in our region. LAA supports and encourages local Bartow County efforts toward better protecting this watershed resource and enhancing public access to its many natural and developed assets. The means to this is an integrated trail system through this corridor, linking its 20 identified significant points of interest and activity, and a collaborative joint governmental jurisdiction management and branding of this unique asset. No private lands would be needed in order to provide wider public use of these publically owned properties. LAA encourages the appropriate local, state and federal agencies to coordinate and cooperate to bring this exciting Parks Allatoona concept to fruition.

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Winter and Summer Lake Community Celebrations

Lake Allatoona users should check out the Allatoona Yacht Club's annual July 4th fireworks on the lake extravaganza, as well as the recently LAA sponsored "Lights On the Lake" winter season boat parade celebration.